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Spongebob Musical

july-august 2023

Bikini Bottom Day

Super Seastar Savior


Heart House is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit community theater based out of Woodbridge and Northern Virginia. We are a theater designed to integrate performers and technicians with disabilities into mainstream theater, and to provide quality programs for a wide audience. 

Heart House is open to performers and volunteers of all abilities over 14 years. We take applicants for most tech positions, but do require a full application with a resume and portfolio submission for directoral and designer roles. 

Purchase single or group tickets here. Adult rates are $20 for standard performances and $18 for matinees. Student prices are $15 for standard performances and $12 for matinees.

Visit our past show galleries, or take a trip to our YouTube page for song clips!

danielle h.

We loved SpongeBob. It was an amazing show with an amazing and very talented cast. I’ve never seen an episode of SpongeBob but still enjoyed every minute of the show. We ended up seeing it again the next day because we loved it so much. I also love that the cast was so inclusive. Everyone should be able to perform and shine and heart house did that.
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