Theater gone wrong #1 - Miracles

Anyone who has ever been involved in theater, whether performing in their parents' living room, or as a professional on Broadway, has experienced the nightmare of theatrical bloopers. Our motto here is to just attack each show with the expectation that something will go terribly and horribly wrong. I mean Mischief Theater has made their entire career on this (do not fret, they will be getting an entire dedicated post). It can be challenging when faced with a sudden and alarming blooper on stage, but gee is it funny.

After reading this fantastic recount of a recurring Beauty and the Beast nightmare,, we wanted to have an ongoing vault of theater goes-wrongs.

Today Clara an I will be recapping our high school's 2012 production of The Miracle Worker.

Eva: Hey remember when that happened?

Clara: Unfortunately.

Eva: *Fran Drescher laugh*

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