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resources for theatre-goers

At Heart House, we believe that an inclusive theatre experience extends beyond those in the cast and crew to everyone in the audience. For those theatre-goers with sensory sensitivities, we offer a sensory sensitive performance of each major production. However, all theatre-goers are welcome at all performances and we provide a variety of resources designed to help everyone feel prepared and comfortable with the theatre-going experience.

Resources can be downloaded below and are available in the lobby at all performances.

for parents and caregivers

To successfully support a theatre-goer with a physical or developmental disability, there is important information that you need about Heart House IP performances at the Ferlazzo Building.

social story narratives

Social stories help prepare theatre-goers of varied abilities for their visit to our theater and the subsequent show.  The goal of a social story is to prepare the theatre-goer for the experience, and possibly alleviate some anxieties or apprehension, by providing some predictability and possible choices for them to make when certain things happen. 


A variety of social stories are available, from a broad “Going to a Play” story, which focuses on key events and experiences they may encounter during their visits, to more specific stories that focus on special topics.

We encourage you to read the story together. Feel free to personalize the reading experience to reflect your experience by adding dialogue or further descriptions. 

  • The goal is to anticipate potential challenges and provide information on what will happen and or coping strategies. 

  • Try to avoid using absolute language like "will" or "must" and use more flexible language such as "might," "usually," and "may be".

  • Try adding the coping strategies you know work. For example:

    • "The music may be loud. If it bothers me, I can ask for my noise canceling headphones."

    • "We might have to wait. I can look at a book or play with my bunny rabbit." 

    • "The actors will be talking to each other. I can listen like I do when I watch my tablet." 


Download the stories below or pick up a copy in the lobby before the show.

other resources

  • The Picture Schedule is a visual checklist of the major steps of attending a theatre-performance that can help theatre-goers predict and prepare for upcoming events.

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Resources created in partnership with Green Box ABA, Springfield VA ©Heart House Inclusive Productions, Inc. & Green Box ABA, PLLC

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